07 March 2013

Ximedica Relocates its Hong Kong Headquarters

Providence, R.I.- 05 March 2013 - Ximedica has relocated its Hong Kong headquarters to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Ximedica provides integrated human-centered research, product development, regulatory, and NPI manufacturing services to leading medical device and healthcare companies. Ximedica is headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island and offices in Minnesota and Hong Kong.  

“Our new location gives us access not only to state of the art facilities needed to develop medical and diagnostic products of the future in the fast growing China market but similarly an opportunity to forge collaborations with a network of partners from around the world,” says Michael Pereira, Ximedica’s VP of Program Development and Engineering. 

Relocating to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park is a strategic move for Ximedica, largely because it allows access to advanced research, testing, and manufacturing facilities. The Park will host the company’s surgical, wound management, drug delivery, and respiratory device research and development activities as well as office space for its employees. 

Says Pereira, “the extensive laboratories and production facilities complement Ximedica’s integrated development process which begins with front-end technology assessments and ends with supply chain selection and management. Similar to our own integrated process, we see these extensive facilities as a means to save development costs and time.” 

Source: Ximedica