08 April 2013

Mitsui Chemicals Announces Start-up of Polypropylene Catalyst Plant in Korea

08 April 2013 - Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. announced commencement of commercial operations at the Lotte Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. polypropylene catalyst plant in Yeosu, Korea on April 1. The plant is part of an equal joint venture with Lotte Chemical Corporation. 

Lotte Mitsui Chemicals uses Mitsui Chemicals' catalyst manufacturing technology to produce polypropylene, which is widely used in applications including automobiles and home appliances, at the Lotte Chemical owned petrochemical works in Yeosu, Korea. 

Mitsui Chemicals has continued to focus research and development efforts on catalysts, a key technology of the chemical industry, and has successfully developed catalysts used in production of various products through its proprietary, high technology. Mitsui Chemicals continues to position manufacture and sales of catalysts as a core business. The commencement of commercial operations at Lotte Mitsui Chemicals is an important step in establishing a global production structure for Mitsui Chemicals' polypropylene catalysts. 

Source: Mitsui Chemicals