02 April 2013

SCCP Group Opens New Offices in Atlanta, GA and Mexico City

San Francisco, CA – 02 April 2013 – SCCP Group, the parent company of the Swiff mobile payments product suite, recently announced opening of new offices in Atlanta, GA and Mexico City, adding to its location in San Francisco. 

SCCP Group is headquartered in Singapore and is currently operating on four continents utilizing multi-lingual platforms built around its patented mobile security and authentication solution, developed through the Group’s Paris subsidiary. 

The additional teams will provide customer support and strategic account management for a growing client roster that includes banks, merchants and loyalty network operators. “As the adoption of mobile payments continues to grow worldwide and gain acceptance in North America, we are excited to deploy our highly successful solutions and dominate the market for secure mobile payments strategies,” said SCCP Group CEO and Founder, Jerome Cle. 

The US and North American regions are critical to our strategic growth plan and we are right on target to expand our lead and competitive advantage as we continue to disrupt the mobile payments revolution,” add Cle. 

Source: SCCP Group