16 May 2013

Barcelona-based Grifols inaugurates new plant in Los Angeles

Barcelona - 15 May 2013: Grifols, a leader in the production of plasma medicines, has officially inaugurated its new plant for the purification of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG). The new plant forms part of Grifols’ industrial complex in Los Angeles (United States), and was inaugurated by Antonio R. Villaraigosa and Xavier Trias, the mayors of Los Angeles and Barcelona, respectively. 

Grifols has invested a total of 135 million dollars in Los Angeles, as part of the group’s strategic plans for organic growth. This new project is one of the new actions designed to gradually expand Grifols’ manufacturing capacity in Spain and the United States, a move that will be paralleled by an increase in the group’s plasma fractionation and protein purification capacity. 

The new Los Angeles plant will have the capacity to purify up to 8 million grammes of IVIG during its first phase of operation, with the possibility of expanding this to 16 million grammes per year during a second phase.

The facilities were designed by Grifols Engineering S.A., a Grifols company specializing in engineering pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes. In addition, the plant has cutting edge technology to reduce the environmental impact of its activity by reducing the use of water and energy. When the plant becomes operational, over 200 new jobs will be created. 

Grifols began to consolidate its business in the United States with its acquisition of 48 plasma donor centers in March 2002. The company currently has 150 plasma donor centers distributed throughout the country. In 2012 it obtained 5.8 million liters of plasma from these centers. Grifols has two plasma testing laboratories in Texas (United States) located in the cities of San Marcos and Austin. 

Grifols’ total installed fractionation capacity (in Spain and the USA) currently stands at 8.5 million liters of plasma per year. Future plans provide for this to rise to over 12 million liters by 2016, with the new intravenous immunoglobulin purification plant in Los Angeles forming a key element of this strategy. 

Source: Grifols