06 June 2013

Orangefield Group Opens New Office in South Africa

Amsterdam-Johannesburg - 06 June 2013 - Orangefield Group, corporate provider of administration-, management services- and trust services to funds, opens a new office in Johannesburg, South Africa located in Sandton. As the principal contact, Mr Imtiaz Yusuf is leading the expansion of Orangefield's services and will be working in close cooperation with our Mauritius office. In the coming months, there will be a strong focus on the areas of new company formations, corporate and fund administration and - management services.

Among the fastest growing economies in the world are a number of African countries including South Africa, Ghana and Angola. Orangefield is anticipating the inevitably increasing demand for its services in these economies that mature at a fast rate. In such economies, businesses have to be compliant with rules and regulations to match the speed of the constant flux of market conditions and requirements that change relatively quickly. 

Developing economies are of special interest to Joep Bruins, CEO of Orangefield. "Growing markets and economies offer tremendous opportunities for our clients. That is why the opening of our first office in Johannesburg marks an important step for them, and for us. Using our global experience and regional network, our clients don't have to reinvent the wheel when setting up their required structures. Moreover, it is not uncommon that rules and regulations play catch-up with market developments. Orangefield is always ahead of the game, so quite contrary to the cliché, we do invent a new wheel if necessary. With our custom solutions, clients benefit from the most favourable legal and corporate structures that enable them to do business and stay focused on doing their business. This is as true for Africa as it is for all the other parts of the world where we are present," says Bruins.

Orangefield is a global full service corporate service provider and fund administrator, with more than 40 years of experience, providing a wide range of fund administration, management, administrative and trust services to funds, corporate clients and private clients all over the world. Orangefield Group has a strong global presence with offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Orangefield Group headquarters is located in Amsterdam. Dutch investor AAC Capital Partners holds a majority interest in Orangefield Group.

Source: Orangefield