30 July 2013

Lhasa Limited Open New Software Development Facility in Poznań, Poland

30 July 2013 - Lhasa Limited, a leading global supplier of knowledge based software and associated databases for use in toxicity, metabolism and the related sciences, today announces the opening of a new software development facility in Poznań, Poland.

Despite officially opening the new European office on July 17th, work in Poznan actually began during February 2013. Lhasa Limited’s first operation outside of the UK has allowed more focus on the development of new software in support of its charitable purpose, promoting the use of computer aided reasoning in chemistry and the life sciences. Managed from Leeds, UK by Dr. Matthew Wright, the team in Poznan is led by Piotr Górny and consists of Mikołaj Gucki, Andrzej Paetz and Michał Chmielarz all of whom are highly experienced Java Eclipse developers.

Piotr worked at Lhasa Limited in Leeds for 2 years before taking up the challenge of creating a software development team in his native Poland where he looked to former colleagues in a Polish based German organisation, PSI GmBH. 

All three of the new Polish recruits hold an MSc. in Computer Science from Poznań University of Technology. In addition, Mikołaj has 7 years experience with Java based programming, specialising in the creation of user friendly graphics interfaces and database design; Andrzej is a Java developer with a post graduate diploma in Project Management and specialises in Networks and Distributed systems and Michał is a Java developer with significant experience with integration tools.

The office was officially opened by Lhasa Limited CEO David Watson who said, ‘Our search for Eclipse developers in the UK had for a long time proved very difficult and it was Piotr’s suggestion that we might consider Poland, and Poznan in particular, where there is a significant community of developers with these skills. It is a pleasure to formally open this office but it is even better to note the significant impact the team is already having on our ability to continuously improve our software to meet the needs of our members’.

Lhasa Limited is a not-for-profit organisation that facilitates collaborative data sharing projects in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemistry-related industries. 

Source: Lhasa Limited