23 August 2013

Cisco Opens Center of Innovation in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 22 August 2013. - Cisco has opened a Center of Innovation (COI) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The COI will integrate Cisco’s portfolio with technology from local players to create solutions that meet the needs of the Brazilian market. It will be a key resource for Cisco as it creates long-lasting relationships with the Brazilian government and customers and works with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that support their success.

The Rio Cisco COI will initially focus on developing local solutions for key markets that are relevant for Brazil, including education, urban development (Cisco® Smart+Connected Communities™), sports and entertainment, public safety and security, health care, smart grid, and oil and gas.

Brazilian Minister of Communications, Paulo Bernardo said: “We are a country with a high development potential, and certainly the technology has a crucial role in this process. Today we have a very favorable environment for this type of investment and a growing demand for innovative solutions in the ICT field. So we are sure that Cisco initiative will contribute to the growth of Brazil in the research and technological innovation area.”

Mayor of the City of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes said: "Cisco's decision to open a Center of Innovation in Rio is very important, because it happens at a time when Rio is becoming a global city and the main technological center of the country. We have the highest concentration of professionals and students of information technology in Brazil. Also here are the major research and development centers, incubators and public and private technology centers in the country. These are factors that will help Cisco to build a very promising future in the marvelous city of Rio."

Rob Lloyd, president development and sales said: “Brazil is a strategic country for Cisco and a source of growth for the company. Cisco’s vision is to be the most innovative company in IT by shaping market transitions and driving business relevance. The COI will be instrumental to drive business relevance (software, services and solutions) and capture market transitions in cloud, mobility and consumption models in Brazil.”

Rodrigo Dienstmann, president, Cisco Brazil said: “The Center of Innovation in Rio is a key part of our Brazil investment strategy to increase our relevance in the country. We will work closely with our partners to design and deliver the specific vertical solutions our customers need as Brazil continues its rapid economic and social growth.”

Source: Cisco