20 August 2013

Wild Craze, Inc. Opens New Office in Ontario, Canada

Myrtle Beach, SC - 19 August 2013 - Wild Craze, Inc., an innovative consumer brands company, has opened a new sales and distribution center in Oakville, Ontario, located outside of Toronto, to expand its existing business in Canada.

The Company currently sells its EcoAquariums in Canada in approximately 15 independent stores and two regional chains and there are immediate plans to introduce in Canada the E-Bird RC and the RC Rattlesnake, a radio controlled bird and snake for all ages to enjoy, before the holiday season.

Justin Jarman, CEO of Wild Craze commented, “We are excited about the opportunity to grow our current business in Canada. For the last two years Wild Creations EcoAquarium has been very successful and we anticipate the same response as we introduce the E-Bird RC and RC Rattlesnake and expand our presence and products to retailers throughout the country.”

In addition, as part of an integration process with its wholly owned subsidiary, Wild Creations Inc., the Company has relocated its corporate headquarters to its manufacturing and warehousing facility in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Wild Craze, Inc. is an innovative consumer brands company focused on strategic acquisitions of existing products or companies that have a proof of concept for a proprietary product and currently have revenues in the market. The Company looks to identify and acquire products and services that have an early sign of success, but may lack the necessary growth capital, professional network, or long term vision needed to ensure success on a large scale.

Source: Wild Craze