07 January 2014

Casio Launches Subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tokyo - 07 January 2014 - Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced that its recently established subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has begun sales and marketing activities, seeking to expand Casio’s business in the ASEAN region. 

Since 2000, Casio has considered ASEAN to be a priority market, based on a population that has grown to 500 million. In 2001, Casio Singapore Pte., Ltd., was established, followed by the Jakarta representative office in Indonesia in 2011. As part of a policy for establishing and strengthening sales bases in the ASEAN region, Casio Malaysia was created to carry out marketing activities firmly rooted in the Malaysian market. Working with distributors with which Casio has built strong cooperative relationships over the years, the new company will carry out sales promotion activities with even greater impact.

Casio Singapore oversees the Jakarta representative office and Casio Malaysia. This will promote effective sales activities in the three countries while improving site operation efficiency. In addition, the responsibilities of Casio Singapore will expand to include the entire ASEAN region. Casio is aiming for ASEAN sales of 30 billion yen by fiscal 2016.

Source: Casio