10 June 2014

RMS Opens New Office in Singapore

Newark, Calif. – 09 June 2014 - RMS is expanding its Asia Pacific presence with a new Singapore office. The office, led by Paul Burgess, senior director of client development, joins the RMS offices in Delhi, Beijing and Tokyo in the Asia Pacific region. The Singapore office will serve existing Singapore-based clients as well as new clients and partners.

RMS has long been committed to the high-growth Asia Pacific market,” said Jason Futers, SVP and head of Europe and Asia sales at RMS. “Having Paul on the ground to lead the Singapore office, working closely with our eight-person support team in Singapore and India, will deepen our relationships with existing clients and partners.”

RMS models and software help financial institutions and public agencies evaluate and manage catastrophe risks throughout the world, promoting resilient societies and a sustainable global economy.

Source: RMS