04 August 2014

Lyons Consulting Group Opens New Office in London

04 August 2014 - Lyons Consulting Group (LYONSCG) has opened a new office in London, England to support clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Headquartered in Chicago, LYONSCG is a premier eCommerce Digital Agency, serving brand, retail, and B2B organizations with tailored eCommerce solutions. 

Running a successful eCommerce business today is an increasingly global imperative,” says LYONSCG President and CEO, Rich Lyons. “Our new London office gives us the ability to better serve our clients and help them fully maximize their eCommerce potential.”

The new UK-based office enables LYONSCG to better guide and support its existing client base in the region as well as to aggressively pursue new eCommerce client partnerships. The company already serves a number of UK-based clients out of its US-based offices, as well as supporting increasingly global operations of US-based firms in categories ranging from luxury home and lifestyle products, personal electronics, and action sports and clothing.

“In addition to expanding our services and client opportunities in the region, our new office in Europe gives us the opportunity to better consult with our US customers as they expand internationally,” says Norman A. Alesi, COO and CFO at LYONSCG. 

The firm, which already has development operations in Kiev, Ukraine, is a Demandware Strategic Partner, hybris Silver Partner and Magento Gold Partner, and will support clients on all three platforms from the London office.

Source: Lyons Consulting Group