23 October 2014

Tonbeller Establishes Subsidiary in Singapore

Bensheim, Germany – 22 October 2014 - TONBELLER, leading provider of software solutions against financial and white-collar crime, has established a subsidiary in Singapore to attend to its Asia-Pacific customers. Frank Reppel has been appointed Managing Director of the new subsidiary.

‘Our expansion to Asia is an important milestone for the strengthening of our position in that market. We are well established in Europe, Middle East, and Africa and belong among the leading providers in the industry. We are delighted to see a growing demand for compliance solutions in Asia and are convinced that we will continue our success in this region,’ says Torsten Mayer, Chief Executive Officer of TONBELLER AG.

The aim of TONBELLER is to intensify local customer relations in Asia's financial powerhouse and to exploit the high potential for TONBELLER solutions throughout the region. Asian countries are among the top scorers in international growth comparisons and the financial industry belongs to the fastest growing sectors on the continent. Asia's financial institutions, however, also face intensified demand for efficient compliance with complex international regulations on money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud.